At Northview our goal is to equip Christians for Spiritual Growth.

Below are resources that will help in your pursuit for individual growth, as you raise your family, and as you engage in community with other believers!


Join your church family as we read through the Bible!

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The Love of God by D. A. Carson, is a devotional designed to walk you through the Bible in a year and assist you in discovering the riches of God’s Word. Download a PDF copy to help you study as you read the Bible this year.

 Reading Plan

“The Love of God”


Join the Northview pastors as they discuss a variety of topics.

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Catch up on the current sermon series and find sermon specific questions that will foster discussion and fellowship with friends and family, listen to archived sermons, or listen to Northview Conference material.


Northview Women Resources

Gospel Conversations

Click here for an informative booklet on how to engage your neighbour with the Gospel of Christ.

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