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Mark and Tammy Brandsma have always wanted to take their family overseas to serve together. Then life got busy. Kids, careers, a mortgage, etc. But 2 years ago God began working on their hearts and preparing them for a life changing adventure.

They spent over 8 months of 2015 serving in a slum village in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a family. It had a tremendous impact on their family, one that will continue to impact every area of their lives as they learn to live in light of all of the things they have seen.

Community Kitchen

This PULSE episode tells the story of Jayme Yarema and how she uses her cooking skills to build relationships and influence the community. She demonstrates how God can and will use whatever He’s given us so that we can be salt and light in our sphere of influence.

We Moved to Kathmandu

In 2012 we made a video about Matthew and Noah Dawes and their wives Nicole and Cathryn and told the story about their decision to move to Kathmandu, Nepal to serve the orphans and widows there. Watch it here
Cassiar MediaWorks recently visited them in Nepal and filmed an updated video to show how they are doing after one year in Nepal.
They have opened a guest house in the tourist district of Patan as well as a dairy company that serves pasteurized milk, cream and yogurt.
The proceeds of these businesses go to support an orphanage run by Vision Nationals Nepal which currently has 63 children.

Northview Kids Got Talent

This episode of PULSE tells the story of how Northview Kids Got Talent got started. Becca Carsience dreamed about performing on stage which lead to her having a vision of other kids at Northview showing their talents. It has never been for self glorification however, as Becca has always known that it needed to be about something greater. That is why Northview Kids Got Talent raises money for International Justice Mission.”


This episode of PULSE tells the story of Joel and his family and their unique way of life.

Campus Ministry

This episode of PULSE tells the story of Derrick Uittenbosch, a senior student at UFV. He reflects on a life submitted to God’s leading in all areas of life.

Body Image

We are bombarded by our culture about what is and is not attractive. It is no surprise that body-image issues are rampant in our communities, and for many the road seems hopeless. It is in this context that Julie Horner shares her story. The gospel of Jesus Christ transforms – Julie is a testimony of that.

Jaaja Barb’s Home of Angels

After taking a trip to Uganda with Compassion International, Barbara Giraud’s (aka Jaaja Barb – Grandma Barb in Uganda) life changed forever. She came home determined to do whatever it took to build an orphanage and take care of the abandoned; the forgotten. She began baking banana bread and selling it in order to raise money for the orphanage. After thousands and thousands of loaves of banana bread, the building process is underway and Barbara’s team has already begun taking in orphans off of the streets.

Follow the blog for more up to date information. jaajabarbshomeofangels.blogspot.ca

We’re Movin’ to Katmandu

The Dawes twin brothers Matthew and Noah, have given up their comfortable life in Abbotsford and are getting ready to embark with their wives for the other side of the world to pursue their love for Christ.

Drama King

Andrew Abrahams has been acting for over 30 years and has been part of many NBC Productions at Northview Church. But did you know he still gets nervous right before every scene? Watch the video to find out more!

Midnight In Paris

Bryan Schmuland gave up his short term plans, quit his job, sold his car and went to serve God with Missionaries in Paris.

The Intern Experience

This episode sheds some light on the internship program at Northview with a particular focus on high school intern Lisa Hiebert.

Ministry Mindset

This episode tells the story of Kimberly Baker. Last year she left a comfy job in a church to pursue a career as a music teacher. This is a story about faith in the times of uncertainty and reflecting the reign of Christ in all areas of life.

Peter and Dawn-Lynn Prediger

From Ontario, to Africa, to America, to Abbotsford. Hear how the Prediger’s have taken seriously the fact that as Christians it is our job to follow God no matter where He calls us.
If you want to help the Predigers with “Inasmuch” contact them at paprediger@shaw.ca

Cyrus Centre

Be challenged and encouraged by Ken Wiebe and Emilie Schellenberg as they share about their experiences volunteering at the Cyrus Centre here in Abbotsford.

For more information, and how you can help the Cyrus Centre visit their website at cyruscentre.com

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