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ep 189Marriage and Divorce Between Non-Christians05m 00s
ep 189End Times24m 24s
ep 189Mission Campus31m 02s
ep 189Joshua 1:1-9 36m 45s
ep 189Sex08m 00s
ep 188Non-Christian Authors05m 46s
ep 188Christmas Idols / Jeremiah 10 11m 19s
ep 188Marital Abuse23m 07s
ep 188Recovery New Testament30m 57s
ep 188Marijuana / 1 Corinthians 6:18 34m 24s
ep 188End Times42m 03s
ep 187Santa and Worldviews23m 17s
ep 186Prayer Week02m 40s
ep 186Prayer / Generational Curses08m 14s
ep 186Rob Bell and Oprah / Open Mind / Truth / Moralistic Therapeutic Deism 26m 20s
ep 185Women's Authority and Right to Teach / Head Coverings / 1 Timothy 2 / Modesty32m 00s
ep 185Bible Apps43m 06s
ep 185Loving God's Gifts vs. Loving God18m 03s
ep 185John 15 / Fruit in a Christian Life20m 58s
ep 185Authority of the LXX (Septuagint) / The Apocrypha22m 54s
ep 185Communion / Experiences and Feelings7m 24s
ep 184Mission Campus / Celebrity Pastors27m 06s
ep 184John 15 / Pruning02m 13s
ep 184God's Characteristics / Canaanite Genocide37m 56s
ep 184Christ's Deity and Humanity / Kenosis17m 39s
ep 184Treatment Towards Unbelieving Homosexuals11m 03s
ep 183The Necessity of Baptism Classes39m 57s
ep 183Inerrancy of Scripture / Proverbs33m 51s
ep 183Legalization of Marijuana24m 12s
ep 183Wesleyan Quadrilateral03m 05s
ep 183Non-Christian Employers20m 27s
ep 183Deuteronomy 29:2909m 39s
ep 183Homosexuality / Church Discipline / 1 Corinthians 5:511m 21s
ep 182Thoughts and Sin / Homosexuality6m 53s
ep 181Helping the Homeless29m 50s
ep 181Abuse in Marriage / Persecution2m 41s
ep 181Compassion and Salvation15m 37s
ep 180Mother God3m 08s
ep 180Creation and Evolution42m 23s
ep 180Church Leadership38m 17s
ep 180Bible Study Materials14m 07s
ep 180Halloween9m 41s
ep 180Infant Baptism17m 45s
ep 179The Apostles' Creed16m 48s
ep 179Homosexuality13m 41s
ep 179Council of Chalcedon38m 31s
ep 179Pragmatic Movement25m 18s
ep 179Theological Unity and Clarity20m 11s
ep 179False Teachers / Willow Creek Conference / Leadership Summit3m 26s
ep 179Fundamentalism35m 55s
ep 179Gender Discussion / Egalitarian / Complementarian17m 54s
ep 178Food Sacrificed to Idols5m 20s
ep 178Drinking / Alcohol12m 00s
ep 178Circumcision17m 24s
ep 178Guns / Hunting2m 56s
ep 178Gospel Contextualization24m 00s
ep 178Theological Fences28m 45s
ep 178Freedom in Christ19m 30s
ep 177TLC8m 49s
ep 177Anachronistic Bible Reading / Hermeneutics / Exegesis15m 42s
ep 177National Political Israel / Repentance37m 11s
ep 177Wesleyan Quadrilateral34m 04s
ep 177Speech Act Theory26m 23s
ep 176God's Goodness43m 10s
ep 176Pastoral Candidacy3m 20s
ep 176Inclusivism10m 02s
ep 176False Teachers36m 20s
ep 175Worship and the Enlightenment / Transubstantiation16m 00s
ep 175God and Time3m 30s
ep 174Eldership3m 13s
ep 174Responding to Poor Church Leadership22m 10s
ep 174Elder Qualifications14m 38s
ep 173Forgiveness11m 15s
ep 173Proof for Jesus' Existence38m 42s
ep 173Free Will22m 10s
ep 173Mark Driscoll6m 30s
ep 172Zionism19m 27s
ep 172Predestination / Parable of the Soils3m 10s
ep 172Mark Driscoll29m 38s
ep 171Meeting Your Spouse's Needs36m 42s
ep 171Choosing to Not Have Children20m 32s
ep 171The Rapture41m 09s
ep 171Justification for Protecting Those You Love6m 07s
ep 171Parable of the Weeds46m 30s
ep 171Heaven17m 20s
ep 170Forgiveness and Reconciliation34m 00s
ep 170Hell and Divine Sovereignty3m 48s
ep 169Is God Egotistical?14m 30s
ep 169God Speaking23m 48s
ep 169God's Sovereignty and Prayer4m 00s
ep 169Can Prayer Change God's Mind?9m 20s
ep 169God's Will40m 12s
ep 169Evangelism18m 25s
ep 168Lack of Clarity in Our Future14m 15s
ep 168C.S. Lewis26m 46s
ep 168Evangelical Free Church2m 10s
ep 168Martin Luther31m 28s
ep 168John Stott28m 25s
ep 168End Times4m 58s
ep 168Grace for Modern Teachers33m 56s
ep 168You Asked For It Sermon Series21m 30s
ep 167Practical Purity9m 12s
ep 167Dating and Devotions / Spiritual Intimacy23m 00s
ep 167Life Happens33m 10s
ep 167Heaven2m 30s
ep 167You Asked For It Sermon Series38m 05s
ep 166Is Babylon Code for Rome?8m 55s
ep 166Turning the Other Cheek14m 50s
ep 166Satan's Degree of Power11m 30s
ep 166Character and Nature of Pastoral Leadership28m 11s
ep 166God's Sovereignty and Free Will35m 48s
ep 166The Watchtower Bible 26m 39s
ep 165Logic40m 30s
ep 165Christian School vs. Public School22m 00s
ep 165Humility in an Individualistic Culture / Submission to Leadership05m 05s
ep 165Neo-Calvinism47m 00s
ep 165The Balance of Grace30m 20s
ep 165Michael Weinstein's Article34m 44s
ep 164Caring for Your Congregation18m 55s
ep 164Importance of the Bible in History23m 15s
ep 164Gifts of the Spirit29m 43s
ep 164Talking About God in Public Schools / Stinkeye Persecution11m 10s
ep 164Children and Theology24m 57s
ep 163Christ Returning Soon06m 40s
ep 163Same-sex Weddings36m 52s
ep 163When Your Child Marries a Non-Christian26m 55s
ep 163Christians Marrying Non-Christians17m 00s
ep 163Difference Between Sin and Foolishness13m 30s
ep 163Ephesians 5:1942m 50s
ep 162Determining False Teachers05m 37s
ep 162Marrying a Non-Christian32m 38s
ep 162Christian Dating30m 27s
ep 162Hearing God and Interpreting the Bible22m 08s
ep 161Defining a Cult44m 37s
ep 1611 Peter 3:18-2214m 34s
ep 161Apostle's Creed12m 42s
ep 161Crafting a Sermon18m 25s
ep 161Engaging with Mormons37m 08s
ep 161Teachers' Strike31m 11s
ep 161C2C Network Church Planting06m 33s
ep 161Degrees of Punishment and Reward / Romans 12:19-2022m 51s
ep 160Church History34m 32s
ep 160Modern Day Prophecy / Listening Prayer09m 45s
ep 160Thailand Missions Trip47m 38s
ep 160Jehovah's Witnesses24m 44s
ep 160Genesis is Chronological43m 19s
ep 159Worship at Northview12m 47s
ep 159Soaking in Prayer14m 51s
ep 159Intentional Structure of Northview Services / Benediction22m 29s
ep 159Fall of the Angels / 2 Peter 2 / Jude27m 49s
ep 159Faith of a Canaanite Woman / Matthew 1507m 51s
ep 159Nephilim31m 09s
ep 159Yoga40m 34s
ep 159Preparing to Gather as The Church17m 01s
ep 159The Church26m 05s
ep 158Gay rights and Christian marital ethics
23m 46s
ep 158Christian Church marginalized in North America33m 08s
ep 158Christians seen as speaking hate36m 57s
ep 158Inerrancy of scripture14m 56s
ep 158The Last Supper as the first communion16m 17s
ep 158Apparent contradictions of the resurrection of Jesus03m 47s
ep 158Mother's day49m 23s
ep 158Gospel harmony06m 56s
ep 157bSpecial Intern discussion about Northview internship00m 01s
ep 157Age of accountability34m 02s
ep 157Baby dedications11m 28s
ep 157Elder's meetings30m 23s
ep 157Submit to leadership / authority25m 21s
ep 157You asked for it sermon series50m 00s
ep 157Great cloud of witnesses / Hebrews 12:1-204m 44s
ep 157Dead belivers watching from Heaven08m 31s
ep 157Becoming a discerning Christian / engaging with the arts40m 23s
ep 157What is the Church18m 06s
ep 156Listening prayer05m 35s
ep 156Scripture is enough to hear God25m 59s
ep 156Christianity and culture33m 16s
ep 156God kept the disciples from understanding29m 31s
ep 156Adam and Eve as real people02m 32s
ep 155Differences between Catholic and Protestant
26m 41s
ep 155Placing your life in danger for the sake of the Gospel05m 01s
ep 155Purgatory24m 57s
ep 155Northview Reads / Read the Bible in one year10m 12s
ep 155Prayer meetings13m 12s
ep 155Times of ignorance / Acts 17:3014m 53s
ep 155The Cross and Resurrection47m 18s
ep 155The Fall45m 37s
ep 155Regret and repentance / 2 Cor 7:8-1029m 40s
ep 155Inherited sin / original sin41m 25s
ep 155Author's intent16m 58s
ep 155Intermediate state / Life after death21m 40s
ep 155Adam and Eve as literal people34m 44s
ep 154Christians interacting with culture29m 53s
ep 154Spiritual milk in 1 Peter 2:2 / sanctification06m 33s
ep 154God of war / killing children11m 12s
ep 154God is the same in the Old and New Testamant21m 35s
ep 153Loving Christians and non-Christians22m 13s
ep 153Traveling to Ephesus today41m 19s
ep 153Good podcasts to listen to03m 44s
ep 153Salvation now and salvation coming08m 10s
ep 153Jesus returned in AD 7014m 40s
ep 153The church entertains rather than loves28m 55s
ep 153Loving enemies / Matthew 5:4437m 07s
ep 153Seeker sensitive movement34m 00s
ep 152Assurance of salvation09m 10s
ep 152Divorce21m 01s
ep 152Meaning of marriage23m 14s
ep 152Holy Spirit's work in convicting of sin18m 50s
ep 152Head coverings / 1 Corinthians 1141m 11s
ep 152Marriage and finances31m 01s
ep 152Unconfessed sin15m 30s
ep 151Toronto blessing and outpouring of the Spirit38m 18s
ep 151Door to Door Evangelists / 2 John 1:1004m 02s
ep 151Holy Spirit leading33m 12s
ep 151Joy and Suffering and hope / John 10:1021m 05s
ep 150God desires all people to be saved / 1 Tim 2:417m 17s
ep 150Election and free will03m 57s
ep 150Wrestling with election27m 33s
ep 150Interpreting parables35m 39s
ep 150Relating with people of other religious affiliations / 2 John 1:1044m 40s
ep 150The Prodigal Son relating to the doctrine of election35m 39s
ep 149Holding non-Christians to the same standards as Christians27m 47s
ep 149Objections to God being a God of war08m 02s
ep 149Judging eachother / "don't judge me"33m 17s
ep 149God of war05m 17s
ep 149God using Israelites to kill other nations14m 12s
ep 148Memorial service messages20m 46s
ep 148Membership reaffirmation40m 50s
ep 148Zionism / Supporting Israel as a nation40m 16s
ep 148Premillennial Pretribulation Dispensationalism32m 51s
ep 148Wisdom in staying silent13m 05s
ep 148Tithing45m 32s
ep 148Christ's return / end times26m 02s
ep 147Checklist for finding a date22m 11s
ep 147Praying big prayer28m 37s
ep 147Drunken glory37m 27s
ep 147Young men who do not take initiative07m 21s
ep 147Northview Girls / dating14m 47s
ep 147Online dating20m 50s
ep 146Does God want people to be happy04m 52s
ep 146Hiring unmarried pastors
48m 58s
ep 1462 Corinthians 425m 32s
ep 146Non-Christian marriage32m 48s
ep 146Prayer covering28m 52s
ep 146Young Men who do not take initiative34m 36s
ep 146Singleness / marriage / online dating44m 40s
ep 146Good and evil10m 15s
ep 146Narthex32m 09s
ep 146Bill Nye debates Ken Ham / naturalisim19m 52s
ep 145Martin Luther38m 05s
ep 145Evidentialism and presuppositionalism19m 30s
ep 145Sovereignty of God / chance / Ruth25m 00s
ep 145Convincing people to faith in Jesus / apologetics17m 37s
ep 145Unequally yoked / 2 Corinthians 6 / business partners30m 12s
ep 1451 Kings 22 God gives one to their own desires05m 35s
ep 145Karma27m 29s
ep 144Christian athletes07m 15s
ep 144Fullness of Christ11m 36s
ep 144Prescriptive vs descriptive texts / laying out a fleece41m 03s
ep 144Out of body experiences / 2 Cor 12:2-435m 30s
ep 144Exodus 10:1 / Pharaoh's heart hardened15m 11s
ep 144Swear on the Bible / oaths29m 36s
ep 143Jesus as man37m 24s
ep 143Pornography31m 07s
ep 143God's involvement in the world / church25m 30s
ep 143Consequences of sin corporately30m 02s
ep 143Church as the fulness of Christ41m 46s
ep 143Worship14m 36s
ep 143Attending church10m 29s
ep 143Church is a family21m 28s
ep 142Macro-evolution21m 25s
ep 142Witnessing40m 29s
ep 142Polytheism15m 52s
ep 142Polemic17m 20s
ep 142Genesis 1, hermeneutics04m 39s
ep 142Cosmology evangelism33m 06s
ep 141Demon possession
37m 25s
ep 141Christian doctrine without strong Biblical basis18m 30s
ep 141Deliverance ministry44m 40s
ep 141John 16:13 all truth24m 20s
ep 141Satan's fall14m 30s
ep 141Genocide of Canaanites07m 15s
ep 141Tasty Jesus book12m 55s
ep 140Hyper calvinism Vs. hyper arminianism29m 05s
ep 140Commercialism & Christianity
09m 00s
ep 140Faith based dieting07m 10s
ep 140Saved by good works / Matthew 25:35-3620m 20s
ep 139New Earth24m 50s
ep 139The Evangelical Theological Society02m 20s
ep 139Hermeneutics
09m 35s
ep 139Canon of scripture / Acts 8:37 missing33m 35s
ep 139Contradiction in scripture27m 35s
ep 138Discerning God's calling35m 16s
ep 138The Flood30m 30s
ep 138Does God regret decisions?21m 40s
ep 138Authenticity of prophesy47m 46s
ep 138Video games / violence07m 18s
ep 137Inerrancy of Scripture01m 14s
ep 137Squamish37m 18s
ep 137Astral projection / visions14m 08s
ep 137Strange Fire Conference10m 14s
ep 136Apostles Creed42m 20s
ep 136Evil29m 25s
ep 136Foreknowledge & sovereignty36m 38s
ep 136Christians in Government01m 40s
ep 136Divine healing24m 15s
ep 136Canon of scripture43m 56s
ep 135Jesus' authority08m 15s
ep 135Social justice15m 45s
ep 135Mission24m 10s
ep 134Spiritual world in Africa04m 40s
ep 134Strange Fire Conference18m 35s
ep 134Blinded by Satan10m 00s
ep 134Prayer47m 50s
ep 133Favourite books45m 30s
ep 133Pacifism and military23m 30s
ep 133Christian in Government39m 00s
ep 133Halloween and Santa07m 00s
ep 132Repentance18m 20s
ep 132Listening prayer27m 05s
ep 132Balancing ministry with church attendance52m 25s
ep 132Communicating the Gospel / Acts 906m 29s
ep 131Christian 'hypocrites'08m 17s
ep 131Bethel College32m 09s
ep 131Sharing the Gospel03m 14s
ep 131Baptism on behalf of others25m 26s
ep 131Judaism vs. Christianity11m 57s
ep 131Homosexuality14m 55s
ep 130Prayer for Christians in prison09m 08s
ep 130Gifts of the Spirit45m 43s
ep 130Styles of preaching12m 12s
ep 129Eschatology04m 00s
ep 129Holy Spirit at Pentacost29m 45s
ep 129Conversion41m 00s
ep 129Internship program21m 00s
ep 128Bethel College39m 42s
ep 128The Rock' Church in Squamish03m 21s
ep 128The Christian call24m 40s
ep 128History makers31m 35s
ep 128Preaching18m 58s
ep 128Persecution14m 30s
ep 127Abortion & birth control05m 52s
ep 127Demon affliction26m10s
ep 127In vitro fertilization16m 53s
ep 126Education system03m 20s
ep 126Preschool ministry13m 45s
ep 126Local missions32m 00s
ep 1261 Timothy21m 45s
ep 126MTV awards40m 50s
ep 125Church using finances17m 21s
ep 125Newly weds ministry11m 22s
ep 125Islamic Fatwa in Morocco27m 25s
ep 125Kingdom of God and culture34m 20s
ep 124Referees00m 30s
ep 124Finding a church24m 40s
ep 124"Contend" 1 Timothy series review15m 30s
ep 124Prayer, healing, and providence32m 22s
ep 124The Berean task19m 30s
ep 124Sermon series plans09m 37s
ep 123
Blessing & success40m 20s
ep 123
Christian dating13m 50s
ep 123
Christian karma36m 30s
ep 123
Sex before marriage22m 42s
ep 122Christians facing injustice27m 18s
ep 122Hermeneutics of royals03m 26s
ep 122File sharing / downloading49m 38s
ep 122Discerning Gods call38m 28s
ep 122Slavery13m 54s
ep 122Christians in abusive situations20m 02s
ep 121A new prince (Prince George)00m 45s
ep 121Suffering46m 45s
ep 121Messianic Judaism14m 18s
ep 121Pastors' accountability30m 16s
ep 120Boundaries29m 00s
ep 120Confrontation46m 25s
ep 120Northview's discipline evaluation36m 14s
ep 120Church discipline05m 45s
ep 120A congregant's return upon discipline20m 20s
ep 120Discipline dandwich32m 14s
ep 119Preaching the Word08m 25s
ep 119Sermon illustration permission02m 20s
ep 119Christian sceptics and doubters17m 18s
ep 119Martyrdom and Justin Martyr13m 13s
ep 119Creation in Genesis33m 54s
ep 119Agreements between new and old Earth creation43m 30s
ep 118Andy Steiger- Pastor of Apologetics07m 03s
ep 118Universalism in Timothy10m10s
ep 118Lesbian gay bi transgender (LGBT)27m 56s
ep 117Summer community groups05m 35s
ep 117Finding a church (Calgary)30m 39s
ep 117My one defence, my righteousness23m 52s
ep 117Myths and old wives tales11m 32s
ep 117Staff fun day08m 20s
ep 117Sharing the Gospel34m 38s
ep 116Allegory29m 52s
ep 116Stephen King10m 30s
ep 116Atonement20m 40s
ep 116Head vs. heart knowledge43m 50s
ep 116Head coverings33m 45s
ep 116Teaching associates and internship program01m 58s
ep 116Supplemental media in sermons12m 29s
ep 115Historical Theology28m 03s
ep 115Joyce Meyers32m 01s
ep 115Women dressing modestly35m 25s
ep 115Defining false teaching10m 43s
ep 115Termites of false teaching 1 Timothy 3:14-1606m 58s
ep 114Elders & deacons managing their kids 1 Timothy 3:413m 33s
ep 114Qualifications to serve in the church16m 27s
ep 114Women as deacons11m 52s
ep 114Sacrificial giving33m 45s
ep 114Annual general meeting41m 15s
ep 114Pastors knowing about member's financial giving / tithing26m 10s
ep 114Deacons06m 32s
ep 113Women using their gifts23m 10s
ep 113Men and women's roles in the home33m 22s
ep 113Jesus vs religion. engaging culture06m 24s
ep 112Men's responsibility at a complementarian church50m 13s
ep 112Women in leadership 1 Timothy 2:8-1503m 44s
ep 112Women working at a complementarian chruch31m 56s
ep 112Women becoming ordained38m 30s
ep 112Complementarian & egalitarian resources53m 10s
ep 112Practical outworking of complementarianism
29m 11s
ep 112Women embracing complementarian leadership40m 48s
ep 111Emergent Church26m 56s
ep 111False yeachers who believe what they teach23m 26s
ep 111Living out what you say / 1 Cor 4:2041m 07s
ep 111False teaching17m 53s
ep 111Voting about what God says21m 20s
ep 111Clothing06m 56s
ep 110People who are good at making money24m 47s
ep 110Missions in Thailand33m 08s
ep 110Salvation only by God assisted by people07m 59s
ep 110Rich Christian's missional responsibility17m 13s
ep 110Syncretism35m 20s
ep 110Violence mentioned in sermons40m 12s
ep 110Giving money to the poor27m 45s
ep 110Testimonies of visits to Heaven47m 08s
ep 109The Free Masons34m 22s
ep 109Sleep / sabbath rest16m 37s
ep 109Pope / Catholic Church12m 02s
ep 109Infant baptism08m 17s
ep 109Salvation by faith alone15m 49s
ep 109Paleo diet / yoga / Christian freedom20m 42s
ep 108False teachers15m 27s
ep 108Heaven and Hell46m 15s
ep 108The word faith movement09m 28s
ep 108Engaging in doctrinal debates31m 27s
ep 107Terrorist attacks01m 36s
ep 107The unforgivable sin40m 16s
ep 107Evil18m 45s
ep 107Different degrees of Hell29m 16s
ep 107Different degrees of sin21m 00s
ep 106The Bible "mini series"07m 03s
ep 106The Passion of the Christ (movie)19m 44s
ep 106Helping repentant people who struggle with homosexuality31m 28s
ep 106Sin in Heaven21m 06s
ep 106Different degrees of sin41m 47s
ep 105Abandoning the faith47m 56s
ep 105Open handed issues34m 17s
ep 105Easter14m 20s
ep 105False teaching / prosperity gospel22m 45s
ep 104Boring Bible passages23m 25s
ep 104Discussing open handed issues38m 16s
ep 104Atheist church33m 01s
ep 104Alter call07m 43s
ep 103Burying the dead28m 54s
ep 103Door to door evangelism35m 14s
ep 103Messianic Judaism44m 45s
ep 102Prophecy28m 43s
ep 102Daniel diet01m 43s
ep 102Logos Bible software22m 30s
ep 102Appologetics resources24m 30s
ep 102The word faith movement40m 50s
ep 102Apostolic authority30m 35s
ep 102Other sheep John 10:1610m 24s
ep 102Interpreting the Bible16m 08s
ep 101Jesus is God06m 00s
ep 101In vitro fertilization18m 03s
ep 101Rewards in Heaven29m 45s
ep 100Why the extra podcast05m 48s
ep 100Good vs evil. Daniel 10:1346m 40s
ep 100Horror movies35m 40s
ep 100The academy awards26m 05s
ep 99Sinning against the Holy Spirit40m 18s
ep 99The new apostolic reformation08m 45s
ep 99God's glory through the redemption and foreknowedge of sin46m 27s
ep 99Social justice Gospel29m 08s
ep 98Jeff's dissertation09m 00s
ep 98Hipsters55m 05s
ep 98Abortion41m 39s
ep 98Responsible spending15m 10s
ep 98Interpreting dreams29m 05s
ep 98Apologetics Canada Conference01m 50s
ep 97Judging and confronting others35m 55s
ep 97The sacraments06m 13s
ep 97Communion32m 20s
ep 97Child dedication24m 40s
ep 96Early retirement (Cont'd)03m 52s
ep 96Soul sleep14m 42s
ep 96A 'call' to vocational ministry41m 00s
ep 96Christianity's jurisdiction32m 31s
ep 95Early retirement19m 02s
ep 95Prayer and prayer week02m 45s
ep 95Turn your eyes upon Jesus09m 45s
ep 94Church discipline24m 26s
ep 94Christians not attending church05m 08s
ep 94Judging others37m 28s
ep 93Legalism in the church39m 24s
ep 93The cost of following Christ11m 23s
ep 93Deliverance32m 12s
ep 93Judging others48m 36s
ep 92Ananias and Sapphira12m 50s
ep 91Will of God12m 31s
ep 91Holman Christian Bible08m 46s
ep 90Compassion weekend07m 00s
ep 90Christians standing for their faith25m 54s
ep 90God's blessing and judgement on nations16m 27s
ep 90Worldly posessions10m 55s
ep 89Orphans and widows. James 1:2608m 53s
ep 89Christmas traditions36m 17s
ep 89Operation Christmas Child29m 45s
ep 89Taming the tongue. James 1:2603m 26s
ep 89Christians who are additced to legal substances46m 39s
ep 88Halloween and Reformation Day08m08s
ep 882012 Presidential Election25m 15s
ep 88Singleness15m 20s
ep 88Rape, abortion, and God30m 04s
ep 88Ebeneezer44m 22s
ep 87Hell01m 45s
ep 86Giving to the poor12m 40s
ep 86Tithing and giving03m 17s
ep 86King James Onlyism and Bible translations30m 53s
ep 85Helping the poor and needy43m 13s
ep 85Faithful churches34m 00s
ep 85People today Biblically illiterate09m 57s
ep 85The Lords Supper36m 27s
ep 85Submitting to God's word25m 08s
ep 85Speaking in tongues39m 00s
ep 85What the early church looked like05m 13s
ep 84What did you always want to try? / bucket list / existentialism02m 15s
ep 84Children are basically good / enlightenment influence36m 30s
ep 84Prophecy - What is it? Does it differ from teaching?09m 10s
ep 84Shame & guilt41m 05s
ep 84Bible evolution26m 03s
ep 83Acts 2 - Sermon Clarification. Racial Harmony in the church04m 15s
ep 83Holy Spirit "Speed round"33m 02s
ep 83The experience of the Spirit55m 02s
ep 82God's sovereignty and evil28m 27s
ep 82Infant death11m 40s
ep 82Jeff saying 'Eh?'08m 32s
ep 82Singles avoiding lust19m 44s
ep 82How involved is God?36m 27s
ep 82TLC Classes04m 55s
ep 81Why don't we share the gospel?32m 17s
ep 81Eschatology21m 05s
ep 81Acts and the end times01m 46s
ep 81Northview's missions budget43m 09s
ep 80Cultural climate10m 30s
ep 80God asking questions24m 00s
ep 80Salvation for Old Testament people18m 30s
ep 80Church as a democracy35m 20s
ep 79Gospel conversations29m 29s
ep 79Hermeneutics
25m 28s
ep 79Receiving the Holy Spirit06m 30s
ep 78Recomended books25m 11s
ep 78Baptism12m 19s
ep 78Teaching Associates00m 54s
ep 78Apostle's Creed08m 50s
ep 77Prayer06m 55s
ep 77Church discipline; handing over to Satan18m 47s
ep 77Suffering09m 22s
ep 77Philippians 4:1-702m 07s
ep 77Doubting your faith33m 30s
ep 76Infants or people with special needs receiving salvation09m 43s
ep 76Unrepentant sin / people deliberately sinning21m 23s
ep 76Cremation or burial32m 07s
ep 76Does God's spoken Word contradicts God's written Word29m 50s
ep 75Funeral or memorial service46m 22s
ep 75Effects of culture on your children30m 30s
ep 75Miracles and healings today03m 12s
ep 75Raising children with a Christian understanding21m 46s
ep 74Jehovah's Witness02m 50s
ep 74The Trinity in Heaven10m 20s
ep 74Eco-friendly Christians16m 45s
ep 74Christian business ethics25m 10s
ep 73Challenges for the church15m 30s
ep 73Church and same-sex marriage27m 35s
ep 73Children of same-sex parents32m 45s
ep 72Clapping in church34m 00s
ep 72Narcissism and self worth04m 10s
ep 72Prosperity Gospel27m 45s
ep 72Inter-denominational unity19m 30s
ep 71Immanence vs transcendence26m 00s
ep 71One woman man09m 00s
ep 71Preaching a series20m 00s
ep 70Women in the church. 1 Timothy44m 00s
ep 70Open handed & closed handed issues11m 00s
ep 70Vegetarianism37m 30s
ep 70Infant baptism24m 44s
ep 70Church membership linked to paptism21m 55s
ep 70Child dedication30m 00s
ep 70Pauline justification13m 20s
ep 69Gay pride17m 13s
ep 69Handling snakes32m 13s
ep 69Sin of blasphemy03m 00s
ep 69Levels of sin11m 51s
ep 68Open handed & closed handed issues11m 36s
ep 68Challenging false teachers13m 01s
ep 68Interacting with false teaching06m 01s
ep 67Membership in church03m 44s
ep 67Meaning of sex32m 48s
ep 67Sexual ethics30m 33s
ep 67Masturbation46m 41s
ep 67Qualifications to become a member at Northview09m 38s
ep 67Singles abstaining from sex39m 16s
ep 66Baptism / Romans 6:3-407m 18s
ep 66Submission to the authority of scripture39m 35s
ep 66Holy Spirit / 1 Thessalonians 4:831m 50s
ep 66Prayer for healing24m 37s
ep 66Holy Spirit and human spirit37m 42s
ep 66Child baptism22m 29s
ep 66Miracles29m 14s
ep 65Internship at Northview39m 07s
ep 65Local missions at Northview26m 10s
ep 65Global media outreach / online missionaries04m 57s
ep 65Speaking in tongues13m 15s
ep 65Evangelism34m 50s
ep 64Additions to scripture / Mark 16:9-2026m 02s
ep 64Submitting in the context of marriage / Ephesians 504m 28s
ep 63Sexual temptations in the work place / boundaries07m 07s
ep 63New Age15m 04s
ep 62The Bible's authority over non-Christians27m 47s
ep 62Song of songs06m 13s
ep 62Legitamate divorce23m 12s
ep 62Did God hate Esau15m 12s
ep 62Dying and going to Heaven / Hell and back29m 15s
ep 61Good resources on sex and marriage41m 44s
ep 61Family planning13m 34s
ep 61Good resources on God's will44m 48s
ep 61Talking about sex at church33m 47s
ep 61Teaching Associate Pastor program06m 27s
ep 61Drawing lots31m 11s
ep 61Knowing God's will23m 52s
ep 60Fasting31m 00s
ep 60Memorizing scripture24m 25s
ep 60Animals in Heaven10m 40s
ep 60Solitude18m 20s
ep 60Spiritual disciplines14m 03s
ep 59Election01m 01s
ep 59Mary and Joseph25m 01s
ep 59Joseph who buried Jesus / Mark 15:42-4730m 00s
ep 59Christian freedom06m 15s
ep 59The end of Mark / Mark 16:9-2035m 25s
ep 59Extra podcast's main function05m 20s
ep 59Third Temple rebuilt17m 44s
ep 58How sickness relates to sin / 1 Cor 11:27-3229m 56s
ep 58Hunger Games16m 48s
ep 58Palestine27m 28s
ep 58October baby / abortion25m 58s
ep 58Lottery / financial giving06m 48s
ep 58Kirk Cameron / cultural intolerance / homosexuality
39m 22s
ep 57Special needs people in the church19m 30s
ep 57Serving34m 00s
ep 57Elders38m 51s
ep 57Fishers of men36m 27s
ep 57Imagine ministries13m 20s
ep 57Interpreting scripture / author's intent11m 57s
ep 57Helping parents of special needs children25m 35s
ep 57Welcoming special needs people21m 38s
ep 56Lectio divina34m 42s
ep 56Listening prayer36m 26s
ep 56Contemplative spirituality32m 00s
ep 56Repentance and belief16m 14s
ep 56Syncretism
29m 53s
ep 56Lent33m 42s
ep 56Repent and believe the Gospel. Mark 1:1509m 48s
ep 56Why do we do extra podcast49m 30s
ep 56Objective vs subjective47m 20s
ep 56Pietism44m 34s
ep 55Following Jesus09m 36s
ep 55Protoevangelium. Genesis 339m 09s
ep 55Responsibility to beggers on the street31m 25s
ep 55Assurance of salvation13m 26s
ep 54Homosexuality nature or nurture30m 36s
ep 54Jesus' pain20m 11s
ep 54Christ dying for sin / limited atonement06m 03s
ep 54Saul and Paul26m 07s
ep 53Membership reaffirmation02m 36s
ep 53Immanuel and Emmanuel13m 24s
ep 53Engaging culture / self indulgence28m 50s
ep 53Change name after becoming a Christian16m 31s
ep 53Lent38m 33s
ep 53Defining sin / Marijuana19m 11s
ep 52John Piper44m 05s
ep 52Karma24m 19s
ep 52Systematic & Biblical Theology31m 29s
ep 52Polygamy16m 20s
ep 52Predestination & election04m 33s
ep 52Membership reaffirmation47m 20s
ep 52Beauty in cultural contexts28m 04s
ep 52Effectively studying the Bible37m 17s
ep 52John Macarthur41m 04s
ep 51Determining sin14m 47s
ep 51Smoking / causing someone to sin06m 31s
ep 51Women as pastors29m 53s
ep 51Christian freedoms17m 26s
ep 51Men and women are equal. Galatians 3:2843m 54s
ep 51Predestination / sovereignty of God / evangelism20m 20s
ep 50Doubting the faith12m 53s
ep 50Word faith movement19m 42s
ep 50Repentance25m 31s
ep 49Does God want us to be happy04m 34s
ep 49Esau=Edom17m 08s
ep 49Living out your faith27m 53s
ep 49Jacob and Esau21m 55s
ep 49Common grace40m 52s
ep 49Tips for Gospel conversation42m 21s
ep 48Jacob and Esau - Holy rotten scoundrel29m 09s
ep 48Berean test19m 10s
ep 48Hypnosis and realaxation CD's09m 46s
ep 48Dealing with incorrect teaching13m 50s
ep 48Doctrine of election39m 30s
ep 47Should we pray to Jesus?14m 15s
ep 47Tithes and offerings16m 00s
ep 47Christmas music05m 02s
ep 47Worship is holistic08m 59s
ep 47Prayer35m 01s
ep 47Traditional vs. contemporary08m 00s
ep 47Friendship with non-Christians26m 30s
ep 46Rant45m 00s
ep 46Special Christmas podcast00m 01s
ep 46Jesus is born35m 00s
ep 46Christmas traditions06m 00s
ep 46Yule time reference29m 00s
ep 46Thought for Christmas holidays37m 00s
ep 46Little known facts17m 24s
ep 45Context, Context, Context09m 07s
ep 45Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom01m 23s
ep 45Forgiveness19m 25s
ep 45Signs of a healthy church13m 52s
ep 44Divorce08m 45s
ep 44Who should MC services?27m 56s
ep 44Reading the Bible in context38m 17s
ep 44Nicene Creed22m 48s
ep 44Romantic comedies06m 25s
ep 44Baptize with Holy Spirit and fire. Luke 3:1634m 17s
ep 44Plausibility structure / worldview15m 10s
ep 44Biblical people trivia39m 44s
ep 43Alter calls34m 05s
ep 43Heaven28m 05s
ep 43Heaven and other gifts from God12m 06s
ep 43Baptism of Holy Spirit and fire36m 45s
ep 43Heaven is for Real21m 10s
ep 43Life after death09m 20s
ep 42Baptism and salvation16m 57s
ep 42Church leaders sinning09m 05s
ep 42Martin Luther01m 44s
ep 42Good hermeneutics23m 15s
ep 41Tim Tebow25m 39s
ep 41IJM and "The least of these"38m 45s
ep 41Singing in church05m 22s
ep 40Revelation 308m 18s
ep 40Christian response to Eid27m 27s
ep 40Studying biographies in church36m 45s
ep 40Slavery in the Bible20m 15s
ep 39Mark Walberg with International Justice Mission01m 58s
ep 39God of Justice22m 35s
ep 39Value of human life33m 59s
ep 39International Justice Mission26m 00s
ep 39Justice / Micah 6:811m 23s
ep 39How do we act Justice37m 05s
ep 39Speeding05m 03s
ep 38Rejoice in the judgment of wickedness06m 04s
ep 38Assurance of salvation15m 34s
ep 37Being a Christian and holding a place on the public stage02m 30s
ep 37Playing hockey and being committed to the local church22m 53s
ep 37Pressures on Christians on the public stage15m 10s
ep 36Praying in a Mosque28m 11s
ep 36Free Masons14m 49s
ep 36Yoga conversation continued29m 53s
ep 36Yoga (entire podcast)01m 44s
ep 35Baptism at Cultus Lake19m 36s
ep 35Believers baptism26m 32s
ep 35Is baptism necessary23m 00s
ep 34God's Holy name41m 37s
ep 34Alter calls03m 30s
ep 34The cultural value of being authentic / authenticity26m 36s
ep 33Cross cultural pastoring02m 23s
ep 33Zeal for Christ / instructing fales teaching30m 08s
ep 33Theistic evolution or six day creation / Genesis 138m 16s
ep 33Dressing up for church13m 00s
ep 33Church in Africa11m 11s
ep 32Advice for couples who are grandparents34m 59s
ep 32Marriages in trouble06m 00s
ep 32Advice for couples with small children27m 40s
ep 32Advice for couples with empty nest31m 06s
ep 32Recomended resources for marriage37m 22s
ep 31Dr. Dave Currie02m 15s
ep 31Marriage and accountability10m 50s
ep 31Christian online dating32m 30s
ep 30Fall advice20m 58s
ep 30Fall kickoff11m 33s
ep 29Humility20m 56s
ep 29Directors: leaders or followers?15m 10s
ep 29Followers in24m 20s
ep 28Magic14m 02s
ep 28Sunday evening service26m 38s
ep 28The destruction of the Temple16m 45s
ep 27Define worship04m 51s
ep 27Worship service at Northview / Pietism06m 44s
ep 27Laments in the Church12m 26s
ep 27The framework and liturgy of Northview26m 54s
ep 27A stage at Church / structure of Church19m 26s
ep 26Summer camp08m 45s
ep 26Church ministry during summer life25m 48s
ep 26The ministry season at church28m 11s
ep 25What does submission look like?33m 49s
ep 25A disagreeable member at your church22m 57s
ep 25Dissent and gossip12m 06s
ep 25Appropriate way to voice your opinion about church issues18m 15s
ep 24Investing money Biblically22m 01s
ep 24Dating and marrying non believers35m 01s
ep 24Christians declaring bankruptcy27m 10s
ep 23Third Heaven. 2 Cor 12:231m 31s
ep 23Atheism24m 15s
ep 23God wants all people to be saved. 1 Timothy 410m 16s
ep 23New Atheism26m 50s
ep 23Kids sports camp34m 01s
ep 22Baptism by immersion23m 43s
ep 22Date or marry unbelievers36m 10s
ep 22Membership29m 18s
ep 22Anabaptists25m 28s
ep 22Appropriate swim wear for girls03m 43s
ep 22Dressing modestly. 1 Timothy 210m 30s
ep 22Baptism17m 48s
ep 21Qualifications for being an elder. 1 Tim 3:1-712m 50s
ep 21Created order37m 45s
ep 21Differences between elder and deacon07m 21s
ep 21Men as elders of a church35m 54s
ep 20Riots in Vancouver00m 39s
ep 20Divorce and marriage. Mark 1006m 03s
ep 20Remarriage42m 26s
ep 20What God told me contradicts the Bible46m 54s
ep 20Reasons for divorce16m 28s
ep 20Marriage is a covenant40m 41s
ep 19Molinism15m 34s
ep 19Debate between Ezra and Jeff on Calvinist and Arminian03m 33s
ep 18Progresive revelation30m 28s
ep 18Struggle with the doctrine of Hell40m 06s
ep 18Hell11m 00s
ep 18Church not talking about Hell22m 28s
ep 18Clark Pinnock arguing against Hell33m 34s
ep 18Dante's Inferno21m 05s
ep 18Is God in Hell?36m 02s
ep 18Hades and Sheol26m 47s
ep 17Transubstantiation / consubstantiation10m 11s
ep 17Redemption29m 29s
ep 17Justification22m 30s
ep 17Biblical theology and systematic theology14m 20s
ep 17Covenant27m 26s
ep 17The Gospel08m 51s
ep 17Definitions of theological words07m 58s
ep 17Sanctification25m 00s
ep 17Calvinism and Arminian30m 10s
ep 17Technology making people stupid19m 27s
ep 17Superstition02m 42s
ep 17Theology14m 00s
ep 16Understanding worldview03m 00s
ep 16Internet for speaking the gospel32m 23s
ep 16Secularization thesis07m 09s
ep 16Mark 16 / In the bible or not29m 06s
ep 16YWAM15m 55s
ep 16Sports as religion13m 03s
ep 16Every nation will hear / Mark 1317m 08s
ep 15Inter-generational church26m 38s
ep 15Speaking like a Christian24m 25s
ep 15Benefits of small groups20m 40s
ep 15Benefits of membership17m 15s
ep 15Pastor of community14m 22s
ep 15Persecuted Christians13m 05s
ep 14How do we pray for our leaders?25m 00s
ep 14Praying for our leaders18m 13s
ep 14Why does God allow evil leaders to rule?22m 20s
ep 14Democracy10m 37s
ep 14Osama Bin Laden30m 01s
ep 14The crusades36m 05s
ep 13Salvation through works / idolatry22m 30s
ep 13Jesus as liar lunatic or Lord07m 45s
ep 13Roman history and Christianity16m 25s
ep 13Keys of Hades / Rev 1:1826m 48s
ep 13Visiting the real tomb of Jesus15m 10s
ep 13Living for the wrong god29m 15s
ep 13Filipino man re-enacting Jesus' crusifiction18m 54s
ep 12Easter Saturday26m 20s
ep 12The Gospel Coalition02m 20s
ep 12Jesus suffered14m 25s
ep 12Jesus rose from the dead30m 50s
ep 12Jesus died22m 10s
ep 11Open office concept19m 40s
ep 11Practical outworking of complementarianism09m 42s
ep 11New building16m 20s
ep 11Cremation or burial21m 42s
ep 10Man builds Noah's Ark08m 22s
ep 10Mass marketing Jesus to sell the Gospel11m 13s
ep 10Preparing a sermon31m 40s
ep 10The challenges of preaching28m 14s
ep 10Preaching a soft Jesus23m 15s
ep 09Christianity is true29m 10s
ep 09Jesus tells people to not tell anyone to talk about him / Mark 7:3607m 59s
ep 09Macau China01m 41s
ep 09Jesus talks about Hell more than Heaven23m 04s
ep 09Miracles happen today10m 42s
ep 09Fact / value split35m 06s
ep 09Visions of Hell and Heaven25m 47s
ep 09Tsunami in Japan16m 02s
ep 08Emergent Church26m 50s
ep 08How are the worship songs chosen for services31m 18s
ep 08End of the world May 21st 2011, Harold Camping06m 05s
ep 08Rob Bell writes Love Wins / universalism14m 05s
ep 08What is the Gospel26m 01s
ep 07Pray without ceasing20m 04s
ep 07Advise for praying27m 42s
ep 07Easter production01m 20s
ep 07Prayer13m 20s
ep 07Why pray23m 58s
ep 07Doing things in God's strength08m 48s
ep 06The arts in the church07m 02s
ep 06Alpha20m 37s
ep 06International Justice Mission02m 42s
ep 06How do you read the Bible25m 18s
ep 05Protect yourself from false teaching29m 18s
ep 05Engaging with culture08m 29s
ep 05Emergent Church16m 05s
ep 05Rob Bell and his book Love Wins12m 16s
ep 04Living in a technology filled world13m 40s
ep 04Paralyzed by all the options and choices08m 40s
ep 04Parenting in a technology filled world18m 16s
ep 03Valentines activities02m 20s
ep 03Evangelism to other cultures20m 02s
ep 03Effect of movies28m 00s
ep 03Dangers of pluralistic society16m 02s
ep 03Interview with Brock Kemsley, the intern shadowing Ezra01m 01s
ep 03Bind on earth, and two of you gathered. Matthew 1804m 04s
ep 03Clarity of Chistian message24m 00s
ep 02Persecuted church17m 40s
ep 02Harder to be a Christian in North America or Africa21m 39s
ep 02Morality is evidence for God28m 16s
ep 02Why go to church08m 34s
ep 02Attend Church everyweek26m 20s
ep 02Zacchaeus02m 17s
ep 02Cost of being a Christian20m 28s
ep 02Christians without church11m 46s
ep 01Biblical theology and systematic theology19m 53s
ep 01Financial giving05m 09s
ep 01Sell your possesions and give to the poor / Matt 19:2111m 25s
ep 01Giving money to the local church09m 10s
ep 01Knowing the context of a verse18m 30s
ep 01Give to receive15m 25s
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