Women teaching and equipping women.

In our Northview Women’s Bible studies, we seek to meet women where they are and move them forward in the Biblical knowledge and their understanding of how their relationship with God should shape their thinking and actions. To this end, we provide a variety of study opportunities which share a similar format but require differing levels of commitment. All of our studies are expositional (working through a book of the Bible or section of a book sequentially) and inductive (asking a series of questions which help us observe, interpret, and apply the Biblical text).

All courses have a $10 registration fee per semester. Some studies have an additional workbook fee.

Please note: Subsidies and scholarships are available to cover all fees: simply check a box on your registration form to request a subsidy or scholarship.

Free summer self-study workbook available: PSALMS A Summer Study. Please mark your calendars to join us July 25 and August 22 @7pm (Downes Road Campus, Center Court) for an evening of worship, teaching, prayer, and fellowship based on the Psalms we have studied in these workbooks.


Contact us at women@northview.org

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