Our program exists to prepare Christians for a lifetime of discipleship in the local church, through hands on ministry and theology classes.

At Northview, our mission is to make disciples through the multiplication of healthy local churches. Northview longs to see people mature and increase in their love for God, His Word, and His world. The internship program is an important part of this mission.

The Internship Program is primarily designed to provide the opportunity for each intern to discern whether or not they are called to serve the local church in full-time vocational ministry. It’s a place to put education into practice and a safe environment to grow through successes and failures. We provide a place where interns are exposed to a variety of ministries within the church, are mentored by a pastor, develop a solid theological base, and develop the gifts that God has given them. The program runs for 10 months, starting in September; and is a 40 hour a week position that provides a stipend to allow participants to focus entirely on the internship without having to work outside the church. There are no costs associated with the program.


Who Can Apply?

The ideal candidate for our program is a senior college student or recent graduate looking for hands on ministry and theological classes. They should be longing to grow deeper in their faith, willing to be stretched personally, seeking to develop in their theological acumen and leadership gifting, wanting a deeper understanding of church ministry, and desiring to be equipped for future ministry.

We believe that our program is ideal for those looking to flesh out the education they have received with real-life church experience before going into full-time ministry or pursuing further education. It may also be ideal for people who are discerning their call to work in full-time ministry or those who are looking to pursue ministry in the future. Become involved for a year and see how God leads in and through that experience!

At this time, we do not accept applications from those who are ineligible to work in Canada. Applicants should be able to secure a work visa on their own, or have eligibility as part of their student visa.
Deadline for Applications is April 30, 2019.

A Typical Week:

Intern Program Hours (10-15 hours/week)

  • Weekly Intern Prayer
  • Weekly Theology Class to establish a solid foundation
  • Weekly Ministry Class to provide ministry insight from our pastors
  • Church ministry visits to experience other programs
  • Monthly Reflection Time
  • Mentorship time with a pastor

Ministry Specific Hours (25-30 hours/week)

  • Program Planning, Preparation & Participation
  • Teaching and/or leading groups (children, youth, or adults)
  • Each ministry will have specific program responsibilities for how your time is spent (eg, teaching and/or leading groups (children, youth, or adults, etc…)


Ministry Placements:

Children’s Ministry
The Children’s Ministry Intern will provide ministry support to the children’s ministry team using their skills and talents while learning and developing personally, spiritually, and professionally for future ministry or professional opportunities. The intern will have a well-rounded, hands-on experience in all areas of children’s ministry including helping develop curriculum, teaching in our 3 large group environments, and running outreach and family events.
Middle School
The Middle School placement will allow you to interact with grades 6-8 youth during the week and on weekends as you build relationships and help disciple them in their faith.
High School
The High School placement will give you an opportunity to interact with grades 9-12 youth during the week either at our on-campus youth nights, weekly Bible study, or during Core Group meetings. You will be able to establish relationships within a Core Group and disciple them throughout the year.
Young Adults
The Young Adult placement is an opportunity to create and maintain community among the 18-30 age group. There is a heavy focus on establishing community groups, training leaders, and cultivating the atmosphere during the bi-weekly group meetings. There will also be an element of planning and hosting special events nights. For those interested and gifted, there is the opportunity to teach at NYA.
Supportive Care – Special Needs
A placement in our Supportive Care Ministry would provide a hands-on experience for those looking to pursue a career in the field of special needs and is designed to give the Intern ministry experience, as well as providing much-needed support to our Northview families. Our ministry covers a wide spectrum of disabilities and our participants range from children to adults. We also partner with other ministries to encourage an inclusive church environment which is welcoming to a diverse group of people.
Women’s Ministry
The Women’s Ministry placement is an opportunity to grow your leadership skills and learn how to disciple women. Women’s ministry interns will be involved in our weekly Bible studies, leader meetings, and retreats/conferences. A large focus of this internship would be acting as a liaison between our young adult ministry and women’s ministry: contributing ideas to our women’s ministry team from a young adult perspective, and helping to organize and promote opportunities for intergenerational conversation and training.
The Discipleship placement covers a broad spectrum of opportunities from discipling others at Bible study to participating in our weekly podcast. Our Discipleship Department resources many of our church ministries and there are a variety of ways to use your strengths and develop your weaknesses.
Church Community
The Church Community Placement is responsible for connecting congregants with community groups, membership classes and baptism, as well as weekend hospitality. This ministry provides a variety of ways to help our congregation love each other better and mature in their faith.
The Worship placement provides opportunities to develop leadership, team management, and music skills, all while serving the church in a variety of roles, primarily through training and mentoring younger worship team members and leading worship at a variety of different events and services.
The Tech/Media placement provides opportunities to serve multiple ministries. There is a strong focus on supporting the various ministries and programs that run during the week and on the weekend from managing sound boards and video cameras to setting up the stage for regular weekend services, funerals or productions.
The Missions placement gives you the opportunity to assist with special events involving our local and global missionaries, with a specific focus in local missions initiatives among the Abbotsford Punjabi Community.
Multi-Ministry Intern – Mission Campus
The Multi-Ministry Intern takes on a variety of roles within the Mission Campus. They will participate in weekday discipleship and outreach initiatives like the After school Program, Bible studies and youth groups, in addition to weekend programs like teaching Children’s Ministry lessons or leading the Middle School Bible class.
Multi-Ministry Intern – East Abbotsford Campus
The Multi-Ministry Intern takes on a variety of roles within the East Abbotsford Campus revolving heavily around weekend oriented ministries (e.g. Children’s Ministry, Middle School Bible Classes, hospitality, set up and tear down). There will potentially be opportunities to be involved in a variety of mid-week ministries that operate through our East Abbotsford, Mission, and/or Downes Road Campus(es). This diverse role provides an opportunity to observe and serve in a breadth of local church ministries, and may be of particular interest to someone with a heart for church planting.
For more information, please email interns@northview.org


Worship Intern ('11)

"Northview’s internship program...has prepared my heart to face the realities of life and how to minister the love of Christ. I would highly recommend it to all who feel called to ministry as a chance to grow in the field...you can only learn so much in the classroom and what you are taught is meant to be put into action."


Prayer & Discipleship Intern ('14)

“Through the teaching, mentoring and practical church ministry responsibilities I have received in the Northview internship I have grown in substantial ways. To name three, my love for the church, my understanding of scripture and a conviction of the necessity of prayer in all I do. Life and ministry in a church has blossomed a Christ like maturity in a way that my time at Bible College never could. The internship experience has been priceless.”


Worship Intern ('18)

“The internship program helped shape who I am today. I was encouraged and challenged to push the boundaries of what I was comfortable with in order to better my skills. Because of Northview, I had the opportunity to do things I never thought I would do and serve God through worship and teaching.”


Mission Campus High School Intern ('17)

The internship was an amazing journey of testing the waters of working in full-time ministry. It came with all kinds of invitations to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired as we walked side by side with brothers and sisters who accepted the call to ministry years before us. We got to wade in the shallows in order to discover if we wanted to swim in the deep end or not.

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019/2020 program year.

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